Drain Cleaning Services in Mesquite, TX in Winter!

Mesquite, TX homeowners are no strangers to cold winters. This year, make sure you\’re properly prepared for the cold weather by following these easy tips for drain cleaning in Mesquite, TX. By taking a few simple precautions now, you can help avoid costly and inconvenient drainage issues later on!

1. Keep an eye on what\’s going down the drain. Do not pour grease, oil, or fatty substances down the drain, as these can harden and clog your pipes. Additionally, be careful about what you put in your garbage disposal – fibrous foods like celery or chicken bones can wrap around the blades and cause a blockage.

2. Dispose of your cooking grease properly. One of the main culprits of winter drain issues is cooking grease. When hot grease cools down, it solidifies and can easily cling to the sides of your pipes, causing a clog. To avoid this, pour your cooking grease into a heat-resistant container and dispose of it in the trash.

3. Keep your drains clear of debris. It\’s important to keep an eye on what\’s going down your drains, but it\’s also important to keep them clear of debris that could cause a blockage. Be sure to regularly check hair traps and strainers in your sinks and showers, and remove any build-up of hair or soap scum. If you do notice a slow drain, don\’t hesitate to look for emergency plumber services near Mesquite, TX a call – they can help clear the blockage and get your drains flowing freely again.

4. Know when to call a professional. If you find yourself dealing with a clogged drain or other drainage issues this winter, it\’s important to know when to call a professional. Plumbing issues can often be complex, and attempting to fix them yourself can sometimes make the problem worse. If you\’re unsure of how to fix the issue, or if the problem seems to be getting worse, reach out to an experienced drain cleaning company in Mesquite, TX for assistance.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your drains are clean and clear all winter long. James Armstrong Plumbing is experienced in drain cleaning and trenchless sewer line replacement in Garland, TX, and surrounding areas.

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