Gas leaks are very serious and can be very dangerous. James Armstrong Plumbing is a reputed gas leak detection company in Mesquite, TX that can help you with your gas leak. If you think you may have a gas leak, it is important to call us right away so we can come out and take a look. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and should never be taken lightly.

Gas leak detection company in Mesquite, TX: How do you know if you have a gas leak?

If you think you might have a gas leak, it’s important to act quickly and safely. Here are a few signs that there may be a problem:

1. You can smell gas near your home, business, or appliance

2. A hissing or whistling sound is coming from your appliance or gas piping

3. Your pilot light keeps going out

4. The flame on your stove is yellow instead of blue

If you see any of these red flags, don’t hesitate to call a leading gas leak detection company in Mesquite, TX. They have the experience and training to quickly locate and repair gas leaks.

What Should You Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak?

If you think there may be a gas leak, the first thing you should do is open all the doors and windows to ventilate the area. Then, leave the premises immediately and call your gas company or 9-1-1 from a safe location. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself! Only trained professionals should handle natural gas repairs.

How Does a Plumber Detect a Gas Leak?

When you call a plumber to check for gas leaks, they will likely use a device called a combustible gas detector. This tool can help them identify the presence of methane and other flammable gases in their home or business. Once they’ve determined that there is a leak, they will work quickly to locate and repair it.

At James Armstrong Plumbing, our team of experienced plumbers is here to help if you think you have a gas leak. We’ll work quickly and safely to get the problem fixed so that you can go back to your normal routine.

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