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Regular plumbing maintenance can prevent cross-contamination, ensuring that your home’s water is clean and safe at all times. Physical separations, air gaps, and adherence to building codes that separate waste and clean water plumbing connections are crucial for effective plumbing. Regular plumbing repairs can avoid cross-infection, keeping your home’s water clean and secure at all times. James Armstrong Plumbing is a trusted plumbing company that offers a wide range of plumbing services in Garland, TX to both residential and commercial customers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality plumbing services at the most affordable prices.

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Toilet Repair Near Me

Toilets, in particular, are the workhorses of the bathroom; they account for up to 27% of your home’s overall water consumption. These basic components of your bathroom’s design, on the other hand, are frequently overlooked until a problem arises, such as when your toilet overflows, you discover a leak or a plunger just won’t do the trick anymore. Toilets are not built to endure a lifetime, and they will eventually need to be replaced due to a single major issue or a collection of minor issues that cause the expense of repairs to be greater than the value of the plumbing work.

Whether you need a simple fix for a clogged toilet or a complete replacement of an old unit, we can help. At James Armstrong Plumbing, we provide professional plumbing services to the residents of Garland, TX. We have a team of experienced and certified plumbers who are well-equipped to handle any kind of toilet repair or replacement job.

Slab Leak Repair Services in Garland, TX

When it comes to plumbing, slab leaks are one of the most serious and damaging problems that a homeowner can face. Slab leaks occur when there is a break in the water line that runs under the concrete foundation of your home. This can cause major flooding and damage to your home, as well as expensive repairs. Water erosion under the home takes away support for the slab and puts more stress on it, potentially causing it to develop hairline fractures all the way down to an inch or more in width. If you think you may have a slab leak, it is important to call a professional plumber to have it fixed.

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Other Plumbing Services in Garland, TX

Plumbing is essential in every home and business building. Plumbing problems might lead to a slew of difficulties and disasters. If you are eager to prevent plumbing disasters, you need to call experts that will take care of everything for you. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the plumbing services that we provide:

  • Shower installation plumbing in Garland, TX: One of the most significant advantages of changing your shower is the fact that a new shower installation will drastically improve the appearance of your bathroom.
  • Water leak detection services: Leaks are a concern, especially if you have pipes that need replacing or repairing. Water loss can be prevented and money may be saved by implementing an effective leak detection plan. Leaks may only be discovered when they become visible on the surface, or after major infrastructure collapses when no leak detection program is in place.
  • Bathroom remodeling services: The bathroom is no longer simply a utilitarian area, whether you want it to be clean, bright, or spa-like. Even the tiniest makeover can breathe new life into your room.
  • Gas line installation: You can expect a lot of advantages from replacing your old gas line with a new one, including cost savings, safety, and environmental benefits. Our plumbers are highly trained and experienced in gas line installation and replacement.
  • Kitchen plumbing fixtures: Changing plumbing fixtures is a challenging but necessary task that every homeowner will eventually need to take on.
  • Water softener maintenance: This procedure is important to keep your system working properly. A water softener is a device that is used to remove minerals from hard water, making it softer. Hard water can cause a number of problems in your home, such as leaving spots on dishes and clothing and making it difficult to get soap to lather.

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